New Netflix Roku App Runs Lightning Fast

UPDATED 6/21/14

They may call it Netflix Instant, but for owners of Roku set-top boxes, using the streaming video service hasn't felt that way, according to feedback the set-top maker has received from customers. That will change next Tuesday (June 24) — at least for owners of the high-powered Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick. 

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Roku and Netflix have just announced a new version of the streaming video app that starts nearly instantaneously — as we saw in a demo last night. It's more like an app launching on a powerful smartphone than the lumbering process familiar to set-top box owners. The updated app will appear on the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick devices, which have the most powerful processors and are best able to take advantage of the new app, a Roku spokesperson told Tom's Guide.

Faster Netflix Roku

Roku will begin pushing the updates automatically on Jun 24, but it will be in batches, so that Roku can monitor how the update is performing, another spokesperson told us. If you don't see the update on your Roku 3 or Streaming Stick next Tuesday and just can't wait, you can try forcing a manual update. Roku representatives weren't certain that this would download the update on June 24, as the updates may be parceled out for different batches of device serial numbers on different dates. But it's worth a try. 

Here's how to do a manual update:

1) From the Home screen, use the remote to scroll down to Settings

2) Press the Select button on the remote to advance to the Settings menu

3) Scroll down to System Update and press the Select button again

4) Press Select one more time to activate the Check Now, which will ping Roku's servers to see if there is an update and download it

Roku Netfix Update

Fans of Hulu, Amazon or other streaming services on Roku won't see any benefits with those apps, at least for now. But presumably, there is no reason these apps can't also get an upgrade to launch faster, as well. It seems to be a matter of the new processor's speed rather than anything else.

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This article was updated to replace incorrect information a Roku representative provided about the devices that will get the update.

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  • agentbb007
    Very nice, I hope they bring this the Xbox One netflix app, I'm sure the CPU is faster than what is in the Roku.
  • icemunk
    My S802 opens Netflix instantly as well; though it's a quad-2.0 ghz, 2GB ram, and a mali 450 octocore GPU. Not sure what the Rou 3 runs.
  • Zepid
    I hope it comes to the top end Roku 2. But really the current Netflix app seems quick enough for launching videos. It is actually opening the app that is pretty slow. After that though it is as quick as I'd like.