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Replica Portal Gun Up for Auction

How much of a hit was the Valve game Portal? To put it into perspective, it got every basement dweller quipping about cakes and lies for years after its 2007 release. Even more recent titles, like the new Castlevania game, try to get in their belated licks on the frickin' cake.

Now, you can show all your nerd friends just how much more of a Portal fan you are than they could ever be, by getting your hands on this one-of-a-kind, full-scale replica of the Portal Gun. It perfectly emulates the Aperture Science prototype, and features blue and orange lighting to let people know what kind of portal you're about to throw at a wall.

The gun's creator, Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, is quite familiar with making real-life models of video-game weaponry. One of his previous previous projects was the the M-8 Avenger assault rifle from Mass Effect. He made the portal gun specifically for the Child's Play charity dinner on December 7th.

So why don't you take a trip to Seattle, help out some needy children and score a truly remarkable piece of video game memorabilia all at the same time? Who knows, this time around, there just might be cake.

[source: Volpin Props via Nerd Approved and Kotaku]