PS4 Update Will Let You Edit Gameplay Videos

One of the things the PlayStation 4 has sorely needed since launch is a more robust video editing suite. Sharing gameplay videos is simple enough, but trimming them down and adding user commentary has been just about impossible. Sony's latest software update for the system will finally add video editing tools, as well as a few other useful features.

The video editing app, called SHAREfactory, will come as part of the PS4's v1.70 software update (coming "soon," according to Sony's blog). Previously, users could record up to 15 minutes of footage, give it a rudimentary trim, name it and upload it to Facebook. SHAREfactory will give gamers considerably more options.

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With this update, PS4 owners will be able to combine multiple clips, apply filters and transitions, add picture-in-picture video of yourself while playing (with the PlayStation Camera) and import your own audio tracks. While the blog post suggests you will be able to add "original music," we're assuming that prerecorded narration will also be supported.

Those looking to share their videos beyond Facebook (the only option at present) will also be pleased to learn about SHAREfactory's ability to export videos to an external USB drive. This will allows PS4 players to upload the video to other services. Sony has yet to reveal what format these videos will use, leaving the question of whether gamers could theoretically export raw video to edit in other programs unanswered.

In addition to a few minor fixes and updates, the v1.70 software will also add the ability to pre-load games before release. If you pre-order a game via PSN, the title will download and install days before release, and unlock once the game officially launches.

Sony points out that these upgrades are ones that fans have been requesting, and encourages PS4 owners to continue providing the company with feedback for future updates.

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