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Caught 'Em All? More Pokémon Found in Hacked 'Pokémon X and Y'

Diancie, a Rock-Fairy type found in the 'Pokémon X and Y' code, credit Kotaku

Diancie, a Rock-Fairy type found in the 'Pokémon X and Y' code, credit Kotaku

The Nintendo 3DS video game "Pokémon X and Y" introduced 69 more of the creatures known as Pokémon when it was released three weeks ago, bringing the total number of Pokémon up to a staggering 718.

Still willing to catch 'em all? Well, it just got even harder: Hackers have discovered hidden files for three more Pokémon buried in the game's code. These "secret" Pokémon, called Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa, appear to be "event" Pokémon, meaning Nintendo probably meant to debut them in special promotions.

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After the discovery of those three, several more images of supposedly secret Pokémon have surfaced on message boards and websites. However, without confirmation from Nintendo, it's impossible to tell if these images are legit — and Nintendo isn't talking.

The Pokémon's files were discovered after two people managed to hack into the source code for "Pokémon X and Y," download the game's files and decrypt them.

Serious fans can check out the Project Pokémon Wiki for an in-depth analysis of what the hacked files reveal.

More generally, the successful hack and the discovery of the secret Pokémon are just one more exchange in the long-running battle between the popular series' players and its publisher, Nintendo.

While many other video game companies have found it advantageous, and even profitable, to allow "modding" (players modifying a game to add their own assets and storylines), Nintendo is often quick to crack down on any signs of Pokémon hacks and mods that it can find.

The "Pokémon" games have been notoriously hard to crack, despite enormous demand for knowledge of the highly mathematical game's inner workings. Fans want to know how Pokémon stats grow and change, which helps players train and breed more powerful Pokémon for use in competitions.

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