Best VoIP Apps for Your Desktop

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  • mauller07
    i would not have given skype 4.5/5 more like 2/5, in the past few years it has become bloated and a strain on your bandwidth often causing your internet connection to grind to a halt even while just being idle in your system tray, the video calling is also a terrible bandwidth hog with poor quality and no options for changing the video quality manually to help ease the problem.

    back on its original release and for the first few years it was a brilliant light weight client with little impact on your system or bandwidth but now i could not say the same.

    the best of them on the list has to be team speak in my own opinion although it currently has no SIP calling functions for direct calling but it was never intended for that purpose.
  • Bill Lee
    I agree. Skype, after the initial write-soft, is rubbish.
    Microsoft has not done it any favours in the latest configuration.

    I generally avoid it as often as possible. There are so many other, better VoIP out there, with viewable camera graphics or not.
  • gamecube
    Sometimes I really don't get the score on these "the Best" articles.
  • walsh26byrne
    The technology is getting advanced day by day. We can talk even <a href="">visualize</a> each other sitting at far of places. Even many commercial organizations are getting benefit by the same.
  • enmlederer
    Since Microsoft took over Skype I face only problems -itself. It is working for a while and then suddenly a window opens asking whether a certain *.htm file shall be opened, saved or cancelled. If cancelled, Skype closes, if saved, Skype shows up as an empty window and if opened, the left half of the Skype logo appears. This happens almost daily now and it does not help to un- and re-install Skype and cleaning the Registry of all Skype related entries, next time opened and it is the same mess. The only solution I have, at least for the moment, is to restore the complete C;\ partition - until the problem comes up again.