12 Reasons the Galaxy Note 8 Beats the iPhone X

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Avram Piltch

Avram Piltch is the online editorial director at Tom's Guide. When he's not playing with the latest gadgets at work or putting on VR helmets at trade shows, you'll find him rooting his phone, taking apart his PC or coding plugins. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram developed many of our real-world benchmarks, including the battery test.

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  • terry.maraccini
    Use the product before you comment. You're wrong about several comparison items.
  • drcures
    Android software is not specifically written for the note 8 and in fact, the Note 8 doesn't even come with the latest android software. The updates come out slowly and android is always glitchy, constantly having things running in the background, poor management, etc. Plus the carriers at a bunch of bloatware, there isn't any on the iPhone. So no matter what features they put on an android phone, the phone itself never works very well in the long run. And the android apps are generally inferior to the iOS apps. This is coming from a long time android user who finally woke up after the iPhone 6s Plus and will never look back at android again. android sucks, it was just a cheap alternative for those who didn't want to spend the money on an iPhone.
  • rgd1101
    Anonymous said:
    Use the product before you comment. You're wrong about several comparison items.

    Can you give us some example?
  • Kevin_244
    Actually, as someone who has experience in both camps, the comparisons are not incorrect. However, to be fair there are things the iPhone (and not just the X) can do that Android phones cant either. So these comparisons dont make the Note 8 a better phone, that is just the OPs opinion. Look, today, 2017... both phones are insanely awesome. They are both powerful beasts, and very capable in just about every way imaginable. Today, 2017... I think it is fair to say you more or less like the OS of one over the other, but both do just about the same things. I personally do not like the Apple ecosystem you get locked in to vs the Android flexibility and ease of use. For those that find iPhone easier to use.. pressing the App button on Android essentially turns it into a tray full of icons just like iPhone, so what Android does offer is to some more complicated but to others more powerful. Lets not lie to ourselves, both camps have "copied" features from the other. It used to be that Android was playing catch up, but lately Samsung and Google have been innovating ahead of Apple with Apple playing catch up. At the end of the day.. who cares. As long as you can use the phone of your choice the way you like and are not frustrated with it, doesnt really matter what the other side can do.
  • customaccessproducts
    I Agree with Kevin_244, and his viewpoint is very balanced.. i like android for the very same reasons.. not all of us want to be monopolized by apples os.. it is also a very simple phone which is why most people especially older more conservative base goes for apple.. both are truly spectacular phones and truth be told apple and samsung have had the ultimate duopoly on the cell phone market. i would maybe put LG in 2nd, . htc, nokia, motorola and the rest of them are a far cry from competing.. so it all comes down to brand loyalty and who you like in the end
  • bunfun2005
    So true. I plug in my S7 to any computer to charge and can drag a video into my phone's folder. How do you do that with an iPhone ?
  • nasirbaradari10
    It's definite that Samsung always comes up with better stuff than Apple (well sometimes). But I gotta admit that Apple's swiping up feature is awesome!
  • likejunkfood
    If you buy Desk X for Note 8, you can use your phone as a PC. Split screen is a feature that comes with Android Oreo and it's no longer a software tweak from Samsung or LG.
  • genei.09
    You forgot a feature. Samsung pay, which can work with regular magnetic strip card readers and not just NFC.
  • monfera.robert

    Desk X
    dual SIM card (model dependent)
    way thinner bezels on the sides
    no protrusion into the screen
    lower price
    earlier and likely better availability
    magnetic swipe pay
  • david.ascherg
    When is Apple going to stop calling it an "iPhone"? In the Android world, almost none of the vendors call their devices "phones'. I challenge you to recall the last time anybody in the "smartphone" space came up with a new "phone" oriented feature - unless you want to include 'facetime' which nobody uses except grandparents struggling to get their adult children to get the 9 month old grandchild to sit still in front of the screen for a minute and smile at them. Meanwhile, Apple and the Android folks keep increasing the power of the processor and increasing the amount of memory so the inane videos and selfies that people insist on taking with these devices can be stored. Ask 99% of Apple users where there videos and pix are and they will have no idea. At some point, the devices get full and people think they have to go buy a new device.

    Virtually the entire culture built around these devices, from facebook to snapchat to uber to the idiotic games that people play on the subway to instant messages to the silly thing of the month is a very sad reflection of a shallow narcissism that is "American culture". There are real problems in the world that should be getting addressed by all that computing power, but there is no instant gratification associated with those problems. The Cassini spacecraft was built in the late 1980s with TWO "computers" (probably with designs from 1981) ... AND a CAMERA! It is set to be crashed into Saturn this week. The typical 'smartphone' with a million times the memory and computing power of Cassini's computers and cameras that couldn't even be dreamed of in the 1980s is full of selfies that all look the same and a pile of apps that the vast majority of their owners either don't know what to do with or just never use. There are something over a billion "smartphones" out there creating more and more useless videos and photos that will never be looked at by anybody. Meanwhile Cassini's systems have uncovered important information about the planets and the origins of the universe and the origins of life and given us images that scientists will probably be studying for another few decades. The entire Cassini mission, hardward, software, personnel, etc. cost a small fraction of what is spent on "smartphones" every MONTH.

    However, out culture is more focussed on Apple removing the home button than the mysteries of why we exist or eliminating human miseries like war, disease, hunger, ignorance, etc.
  • lesizz
    The answer is simple. Go out and buy one of each.
  • brian.myers00
    Nasir swiping up as shown isn't new at all.
  • david.ascherg
    "Go out and buy one of each." by the time you figure out all the 'features' on each of them, the next versions will be released with more silly 'features'. And you will have spent couple of thousand bucks to buy them and get cell service so you can see how wonderful they are.

    There is no real competition in technology. The competition is in marketing. Apple (as it has been for decades) for people who think that by spending more money they are getting a better product - so they LOVE IT!! WOW, look at the quality of the selfies I just took!!! Generally, they have very little idea what the alternatives are but they DO LOVE those APPLE STORES ... so beautiful and clean. With those ever so smart people in them who help you buy exactly what you 'need' - like a $1800 laptop to go with your $1000 iPhone and, of course, a "beautiful, tasteful" $60 cover for the phone, etc. etc. Their customers literally glow with their having been admitted into the magic circle of coolness.

    Android folks usually have less money to burn... and tend to be a more diverse group - lots of immigrants (except not so many from China). Ever notice how few African-Americans you see in an Apple store?

    People tend to get the same phone,computer, tablet that their friends and family have. That way, they can get help with the features that they might want to use and which are supposed to be self-evident. They are only self-evident to techies and the techie market is not 1.5 billion or whatever the number of smartphones is these days.
  • nlezrre
    There are a lot of differences between these two phones and in the end, the benefits each will always remain the same. iPhone people want a phone that is functional with innovation (part of the cool) and consistent operation (but not always). Samsung Galaxy users (not just Android users as Samsung is the flagship of quality and innovation for Android phones) want performance with innovation (their cool) and extreme customization. generally, I've seen people hesitate to try the other device because they already bought so many App Store (Google Play) apps (or they really like such and such app that isn't available on the other). I have both, an iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 (one from work). I get annoyed with both of them for different reasons and love each for what makes them different. the iPhone X and Note 8 are the best of each line and you should get the one that you "want" and you will be happy...guaranteed! Unless the battery catches fire :O
  • meemjeemkaaf
    Hello everyone,

    I have been using an iPhone for the past 5 years and I have a Mad and an iPad so deeply invested in the apple ecosystem. However, I am really disappointed with iPhone X and apple tjis time. Its insanely expensive since in Pakistan, an iPhone X will cost around US $1400-1500 when it launches. Other than that, you have to buy a fast charging adapter and cable in order to avail that option. I mean its ridiculous and I dont mean to offend anyone. I used to have a Note 2 but after that I have been an iPhone user. I am just bored of iOS and this time considering to buy the Note 8. However, I am really confused since the apple ecosystem makes everything in sync quite seamlessly and that I understand is a trap in itself but I do appreciate the effort behind it to make the experience user friendly. I use Notes and Reminders a lot so not sure how will I sync those. I dont even know if I can transfer my text messages to Android. Other than that, if I take a picture then it is easily uploaded on my Mac and iPad but not sure how that would happen. I do not plan to buy the iPhone X and really tempted to get the Note 8 as it seems an awesome phone and I love th S-Pen.

    Any suggestions from your side regarding my concerns would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • gchope754
    I don,t often read tom,s guide but today it was meant for me to see the remarks of DRCURES & KEVIN_244 and I agree with .............Kevin_244 point of view because he has used iPhone and Android products and let,s face it companies commit espionage everyday and Apple , Google , Samsung and all these companies have been in each other Proverbial Beds getting " Technological STD " from each other !
    Employees in each of these companies talk to each other about each other designs and don,t you even think they don,t !!
    How do you think this country functions without Whistle Blowers ......! It can,t because they are the " Canary in the Mine " well Apple and Google were Married at one time and each accused the other of " Intellectual Property Theft " it,s just another way of saying that the issue boiled down to " Patient Litigation " of whose ideal belong to who and who filed the ideal first with the Patient Office but the all take from one another !
    I myself owned every kind of brand on the market and each one of these brands people fight about are suppose to be different .
    I am going to give you a few examples which one of you that really loved your relatives or spouses would want a World of just that spouse or relative ? A Car , A/C all have different parts of a collective that forms an unit , organisms , systems , that make up that particular system yet they are different in their function
    ( 1 Corinthians 1:12 ) V;12 For as the body is one and have many members , and all the members of that body : so also is Yahshua Mesasiah . V ; 13 For by one spirit are we all baptize into one body , whether we be Jew or Gentile , whether we be bond or free ; and have all made to drink into one spirit .
    V ; 14 For the body is not one member , but many . v ; 15 If the foot shall say , because I am not the hand , I am not of the body ; is it therefore not of the body ? V ; 16 And if the ear shall say , Because I am not the eye , I am not of the body ; is it not therefore of the body ? V ; 17 If whole body were the eye , where were the hearing , If the whole were the hearing ? If the whole were the hearing , where were the smelling .
    But now Yahshua Messiah set the members everyone of them in the body , as it has pleased him .
    I know I said all this DRCURE and KEVIN_244 to say that it is good to experience a wide diversity of things in life and not any one item , subject , material should all be the same ! Samsung and Apple are as KEVIN_244 said " All Powerful Products " that each person can enjoy different functions of each phone and at the end of the day everyone that has a cell phone want their phone to do one thing ..." Make A Phone Call " !!
    There are different men and women on this earth and there is literally someone to fits someones liking and yet there are a few constants that remain a foundational principal Men and women are always going to be Male and Female ( Apple vs Samsung ) and yet each Unit or Product ( Carbon Based Flesh or Non Flesh )
    possessing different functioning systems and yet they both have wonderful qualities and can Communicate .
    So Apple vs Samsung , Motorola and Droid all these cellular phones can communicate . So Kevin_244 gave a wise insite to DRCURE opinion .

    Ret. US Air Force
    US Army
  • gchope754
    Yeah get the Note 8 if you like having the ability to create your own narrative or artistic expression and get the Apple ( Ferrari ) if blazing speed or if you want to drive " Like A Bat Out Of Hell " ha...ha...ha...
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