The Car Powered by Photosynthesis

Designer Michel Vlcek thinks he's found a sustainable source of energy for future cars. Better yet, his power source provides that healthy exposure to nature badly needed by today's urbanites. These are the two key features of his photosynthesis car.

That's right, a car power by photosynthesis. Somehow, the driver and lone passenger will squeeze into seats positioned right above a series of plants responsible for producing energy. It's like driving a mini-farm around. Somehow, the plants create power that drives an electric motor.

It's not really clear how Vlcek's concept will create enough sustained power to provide practical transportation. But the relatively slow pace of plant-based power production aside, the synthesis car features some easily understood functions. A central joystick provides control, while the rear wheels actually swivel around below the passenger cabin for greater maneuverability.

Unless Vlcek provides more specific details on how his photosynthesis car creates power from plants, we can only assume that this concept will remain a figment of his imagination.

photosynthesis car