Microsoft's Andromeda Could Have This Clever Folding Mechanism

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A new patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows a very clever hinge and lock mechanism that may be included in Andromeda — Microsoft’s Surface phone disguised as foldable tablet.

The illustrations included in the patent show a hinge and locking mechanism that will allegedly allow users to open their devices with just one hand — at the click of a button.

Credit: USPTO/MicrosoftCredit: USPTO/Microsoft

According to this patent, the touch unfold mechanism can also be used with other two-screen devices, like the rumored Centaurus, a 2-in-1 convertible Surface notebook with dual displays.

There are not many details about Andromeda beyond the current patents and rumors. We know that it may work with Surface pens and that it may have dual screens or a single foldable screen.

Credit: USPTO/MicrosoftCredit: USPTO/Microsoft

We also know that it may allegedly come in 2019, according to a book by Microsoft insider Brad Sams.

We can only hope Sams is right and that Andromeda is one of the many foldable phones coming next year because, knowing Microsoft’s obsessive, high quality hardware work, it will probably become the best tablet-phone out there.

Cover Image: Ryan Smalley