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LG G7 Render Reveals Notch Design

Because LG didn't unveil the LG G7 at Mobile World Congress this year, we're still waiting on its official announcement. But that hasn't stopped a detailed render from leaking onto the internet.

OnLeaks and Mr. Phone obtained CAD images and video of the upcoming phone and yes, it has a notch.

The phone appears to have glass on the back, which would make sense if LG is going for wireless charging. Besides the notch, there's also a small lip on the bottom of the display (this coincides with a picture of the front panel from Slashleaks). There's a fingerprint reader on the back, below the dual cameras.

Credit: OnLeaks and Mr. Phone

(Image credit: OnLeaks and Mr. Phone)

Perhaps most important to some people is that on the bottom of the phone there is not just USB Type-C for charging, but a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

Besides the volume rocker, there are two buttons on the sides: one on the right, and one on the left below the volume controls. While one can only speculate, some are guessing that LG is moving the power button to the side of the phone. It has been on the back of the phone since the G2, so that could upset some purists. As for the button on the left, it's possible it could activate Google Assistant or be pre-programmed for certain actions.

Rumor has it that LG will release the phone this summer, so it may be a few months before we see just how exact this render is.

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