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The Last Guardian Runs Great on PS4 Pro, Chugs on PS4

If you have the original PlayStation 4 and not the new, beefy PS4 Pro, you likely won't be able to run The Last Guardian at optimal frame rates. Digital Foundry released a video that analyzes performance on an original PS4, a Pro at 1080p and a Pro at 4K, and only the 1080p Pro maintained a playable 30 frames per second.

The original PS4 often dropped to the low 20's, and the PS4 Pro at 4K stayed in the high 20 to 30 range.

"The conclusion is that PlayStation 4 Pro comes across as the only machine capable of delivering the ideal experience," Digital Foundry's Thomas Morgan wrote, noting that the game's graphics are beautiful no matter which system you play it on.

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PlayStation Universe posted its own video, showing the game running at an absolute crawl on an original PS4, which was fixed by rebooting the system. That video may be an outlier, though, as there are few others like it.

This brings up concerns about Sony's promises that the only differences between games on the PS4 and PS4 Pro would be 4K graphics and HDR supported by the latter system. If performance lags become a constant theme, those who bought the original PS4 (or who can't afford to shell out for the Pro) may feel jilted.

The Last Guardian had a troubled, prolonged development cycle. Developer Team Ico announced the game in 2009 for the PS3, but it ended up missing that console entirely, with constant assumptions it would never be seen again. In 2015, is was brought back for the PS4, and we were honestly in disbelief when it actually showed up in our office.

Tom's Guide will have its review of The Last Guardian up soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our thoughts.