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Intel Partners with Raptr to Improve Gaming on Your PC

SAN FRANCISCO -- Intel knows a couple things about the typical PC gamer: 85 percent of people never touch a game's graphics settings and most gamers use old and outdated graphics drivers. To help change these, Intel has partnered with Raptr to provide a simple software utility that will optimize PCs with Intel graphics so users can get the most out of their games and ensure they are using the latest drivers. 

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Due to the thousands of potential component configurations in each system, it's almost impossible to keep track of which settings work best across all PC titles. Raptr scans your system and programmatically compares it to thousands of other systems in order to determine was settings are best for you. This not only saves you times, but can sometimes be the difference between a game that looks like a slideshow due to improper settings and a game with smooth, stable fps -- and all you need to do is hit a single button.

Raptr also uses Intel's Quick Sync technology to record and broadcast your gameplay, but without the massive overhead of programs like Fraps, which can drain up to 40 percent of your PC's performance. Raptr features native streaming to Twitch, so even users who have a laptop without discrete graphics can stream their next adventure. There's also one button sharing to both Twitter and Facebook.

Raptr is available for free right now from its website. Give it shot to and let us know in the comments if you see a difference.

Sam Rutherford is a Staff Writer at Tom’s Guide. Follow him @SamRutherford on Twitter, and Tom’s Guide on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.