The Green Samba Electric Jet Ski Can Hit 65MPH

Here's one area where electric power—when properly applied—already has clear benefits over its old-school internal combustion counterpart. At least that's the claim of the Silveira Group, a "design and composites" company based in Ohio.

The group is currently perfecting the Green Samba, an electric jet ski that has a claimed top speed of 65 miles per hour and superior maneuverability. The Green Samba uses dual direct drive propulsion pods that leave no emissions in the water, and actually produce no noise.

While developing the Green Samba, Silveira concentrated on increasing the power-to-weight ratio—taking steps to improve efficiency—rather than pushing for pure power. So while the electric jet ski only has 65 bhp on-board, the design group claims it can compete with internal combustion jet skis that produce 256 bhp. Even better, the projected battery life is around 3 hours, which is apparently longer than your typical hi-power gasoline jet ski.

How is this possible? Aside from the carbon composite construction allowing lighter weight, Silveria said they decided to rethink the traditional power configuration of jet skis. The group realized during R & D that a dual-drive configuration creates better efficiency and improve maneuverability.

Now Silveria has the power train down, they're currently perfecting the control scheme with the next prototype. Scheduled for construction sometime this August, this phase of the development process also represents the last step before actual mass production and market debut. So unless the company schedule changes, expect pricing info by the end of August 2010.

The Green Samba – the first viable electric Personal Water Craft

  • insider3
    If only I can take one of these things to work, I'd save myself a whole lot of gas.
  • Grims
    3 hours? That's next to worthless. A typical day on the lake is likely to see people trading off on a PWC non stop.

    BTW Jet Ski is a brand, PWC (Personal Water Craft) is the dorrect term.
  • gekko668
    @ Insider3

    If I could drive that to work, I would safe myself from alot of frustration from traffic jams and honking.
  • nforce4max
    Stay clear of the oil spill =/ next time you visit Florida. Going to miss those white sandy beaches. :(
  • tayb
    Depends on how long this thing takes to recharge. A typical PWC lasts around 2-3 hours on a tank of gas but you can always just fill it back up and head back out. Usually you chill by the dock grilling and hanging out taking turns. Not plausible with this thing.

    Also, I'm not sold on the silent part of this thing. Something about firing up that engine and hearing the roar is nice.
  • mlopinto2k1
    Has anyone even rode a JetSki for more than 2 hours? Tiring as hell. Just more excuses from ignorant people. 3 hours run time is a LOOONG friggin time to be on a JetSki. Now, if they made an interchangeable battery pack, on that could charge while you run it.. maybe all of these naysayers would be happy. Like trying to please kings. Get a grip.
  • NapoleonDK
    I absolutely love the high powered roar of the larger PWC's, they sound positively evil! But something about the silent operation claim really intrigues me. If this performs like a high-powered device, yet is silent and highly maneuverable, then I REALLY WANT TO RIDE IT!!!

    Silent, fast, runs on electricity... Just like my computer! That must be why I love it lol...
  • hillarymakesmecry
    Why do you have to lean over like on a crotch rocket? The ride on this thing is much more rough and that's a bad seating position.
  • zipzoomflyhigh
    Grims, your gas jet ski lasts more than 3 hours?? I think not moron.
  • kenwheeler77
    zipzoomflyhighGrims, your gas jet ski lasts more than 3 hours?? I think not moron.
    It does with a gas can. Name calling is so moronic.