Google Opens Classroom to All

Staff Writer

Good news! Your (physical) homework could be a thing of the past -- if your school adopts Google Classroom. Google's opening up its Classroom service today to all Apps for Education users today in the hopes of digitizing the flow of assignments and feedback in schools.

First introduced in May, Classroom is a portal that lets teachers create and assign homework that students can submit directly via the service. It uses Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and Gmail to let educators collect, create, review and organize class work. Teachers can also help students on their assignments in real-time just as you can already collaborate on Docs.

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Each course has its own About page that displays information and material about the class. The main page of each subject features a stream of announcements and upcoming deadlines, with panels on the left for news and a class code.

While this could reduce the strain on the backs of students and teachers alike, it's also quite a smart move on Google's part to get classes of kids signing up for Google accounts.

Classroom is only available to those who have a free Apps for Education account. To get that, you need to be working at an educational organization and sign up with your work email address.

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