Google Preps Chrome For IPv6 Test Day

In anticipation of the upcoming World IPv6 Day and the possibility of browsers failing to connect to web servers, Chrome now integrates an IPv4 fallback option.

Google officially added the feature in the most recent stable release of Chrome 11 (version 11.0.696.71), while Canary and Nightly versions of the browser received the update already in versions beginning on May 5. The new feature will prevent a timeout of a loading web page by setting the IPv6 connect time to 300 ms. Google said that a parallel IPv4 connect will kick in at that time and the IPv6 connect will race against IPv4. The first completed connect will be given priority.

There is a slight chance that some browsers may see delays or have some issues with the connection to IPv6 pages. More than 200 websites worldwide will be participating in the World IPv6 Day, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Mozilla and Tom's Hardware. The Internet Society hopes that the event will be a “test flight” for IPv6 to motivate web companies to prepare their services for IPv6.

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  • Anonymous
    Might have been worth mentioning when IPV6 day is?

    (why does this crap say i'm posting anonymous and then insist on a login?)
  • g-thor
    I'm glad to see some prominent action regarding what will be the future of the internet - at least as far as we know now.
  • applegetsmelaid
    IPV6 has many advantages over V4.... why wouldn't you want to participate?