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Galaxy S8 Dominates LG G6 in Speed Test

It's no secret that the LG G6 packs a slightly older processor, but how much of a difference does that make in terms of real-world use? Enough to make the Galaxy S8 look faster when doing pretty much everything.

However, the actual time difference between the two flagships isn't that great.

In a speed face-off by Xeetechchare on YouTube spotted by Ubergizmo, the G6 and its Snapdragon 821 CPU was compared to the more Galaxy S8's Samsung Exynos 8895 chip in several different tests, including opening games and apps, firing up the camera and loading various websites.

Credit: Xeetechcare/YouTube

(Image credit: Xeetechcare/YouTube)

The face-off starts off with both phones booting up, and the Galaxy S8 comes away with a victory. The S8 also loads the phone dialer slightly faster, the Color Switch Game, and Gun Fu 2. The S8 had the biggest advantage loading the Subway Surfer game, winning by several seconds.

Turning to other apps, the Galaxy S8 pulls up Tinder and Instagram faster than the G6, though not by much.

However, the LG G6 did just fine when loading websites, as it loaded Wikipedia a hair faster than the Galaxy S8, and the phones were neck and neck pulling up

Again, we'll have to see how well the U.S. version of the Galaxy S8 performs against the LG G6, so stay tuned for our own speed tests.