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Amazon Alexa Fire TV Just $525 with Soundbar for Prime Day

Amazon isn't holding back this Prime Day and the Seattle-based e-tailer is offering its new Element 50-inch 4K Fire TV Edition with an AmazonBasics Sound Bar for $624.99. That's $20 cheaper than buying them separately. 

Alternatively, you can get the Element 43-inch 4K Fire TV Edition with an AmazonBasics Sound Bar for $524.99. Again, you're saving $20.

While it's a modest discount, we didn't expect Amazon to offer any deals on any of its new TVs, and we're glad to see we were wrong.

Element 43-inch 4K HDTV Fire TV EditionView Deal

The Element 4K Fire TV Edition is essentially a 4K HDTV with Amazon's voice-based assistant built right in. Its capable of calling up program information from a variety of sources and can also display the results of other Alexa queries right on its display.

When we tested it, we were able to ask Alexa for the weather and nearby restaurants, and the information was displayed on the TV in a card-style format.

In terms on content, the Fire TV Edition can pull media from Twitch, Spotify, HBO, Hulu, Showtimes, and of course, Amazon Prime, among others. This TV may not go on sale again until Black Friday, so if you want one of the smartest 4K TVs around, today is your chance.

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