'Titanfall' to Be Microsoft-Exclusive

The upcoming video game "Titanfall" will not be coming to PlayStation consoles, thanks to a deal between publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and Microsoft, the maker of the Xbox game consoles.

EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen announced the news via Twitter yesterday (Oct. 29), the same day that EA released its quarterly earnings report.  

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"Titanfall" is a science-fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, in which players pilot robot mech suits called "titans" to compete and fight one another.

The game will be online multiplayer only, though the developers have said that there will be narrative elements as well.

"Titanfall" was first announced at Microsoft's E3 2013 news conference, where the game was positioned as one of the flagship titles for Microsoft's next-generation console, the Xbox One, though the game is coming out for the Xbox 360 as well.

At the time, it was unclear whether the game would come to the PlayStation 3 and 4 at a later date.

Titanfall: Official Angel City Gameplay Trailer

Now, it seems that "Titanfall" will never come to a PlayStation console. The exact nature of Microsoft and EA's agreement is unclear, though some journalists have speculated that Microsoft paid EA to grant it exclusive rights.

Like many in the video game industry, EA has had a bit of a rough year. Its earnings report shows a net loss of $273 million, though its total revenue was higher than its original projections.

"Titanfall" will be released March 11, 2014, for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC for $59.99.

Source: EA via Forbes

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  • bubby030311
    just happy that its comin to pc.. :)
  • Other Comments
  • bubby030311
    just happy that its comin to pc.. :)
  • DRosencraft
    Graphically the game looks great. But online multiplayer only games tend to be fairly shallow and ultimately boring to me. I know popular opinion differs from me, but I'll be looking elsewhere for a PC game this Spring. Might be able to finish a system hardware refresh by then too.
  • giovanni86
    Considering its only focus is multiplayer. I hope it has a stellar launch because BF4 is nothing but a nightmare to play MP. Though today i was able to play on 2 servers without the 3 things plaguing it.. Audio cuts. Rubber banding. Crash to desktop. Hopefully RE doesn't have these issues and I'm pretty sure they won't.