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Four Men Arrested for Stuffing Games Down Pants

We all love video games. Sometimes they make us feel good… but we wouldn't go so far as to put them down our pants. Four suspected thieves from New York, however, have made a considerable run of stuffing video games down below their belts.

An off-duty police officer, Jerome Erwin, was shopping with his two sons when he spotted men walking out of Toys "R" Us with video games stuffed down their pant legs and waist lines.

Rather than confront them, which he didn't feel safe as his sons were with him, he tailed the suspects as they drove away in a Chevy Impala.  Erwin called the county police while he was following them, which lead to the arrest of the four men.

Police searched the car and found 219 video games, valued at an estimated $9,000, along with a handwritten list of other Toys "R" Us stores along the east coast.

The men, Rodney McCreary, 28, Gilberto Matos, 37, Derrella Winfrey, 35, all of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Wilfredo Matos, 30, of Staten Island, N.Y., were each charged with theft over $1,000 and were released on $50,000 bond, according to the Hometown Annapolis.

In somewhat related news two people stole around $1,200 in video games from Ultimate Electronics in Denver. Crime Stoppers is now asking for tips relating to the suspects.