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Four Men Arrested for Stuffing Games Down Pants

We all love video games. Sometimes they make us feel good… but we wouldn't go so far as to put them down our pants. Four suspected thieves from New York, however, have made a considerable run of stuffing video games down below their belts.

An off-duty police officer, Jerome Erwin, was shopping with his two sons when he spotted men walking out of Toys "R" Us with video games stuffed down their pant legs and waist lines.

Rather than confront them, which he didn't feel safe as his sons were with him, he tailed the suspects as they drove away in a Chevy Impala.  Erwin called the county police while he was following them, which lead to the arrest of the four men.

Police searched the car and found 219 video games, valued at an estimated $9,000, along with a handwritten list of other Toys "R" Us stores along the east coast.

The men, Rodney McCreary, 28, Gilberto Matos, 37, Derrella Winfrey, 35, all of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Wilfredo Matos, 30, of Staten Island, N.Y., were each charged with theft over $1,000 and were released on $50,000 bond, according to the Hometown Annapolis.

In somewhat related news two people stole around $1,200 in video games from Ultimate Electronics in Denver. Crime Stoppers is now asking for tips relating to the suspects.

  • pbrigido
    I'm sure this happens all too just isn't caught many times.
  • joytech22
    Lol, when i refreshed the front page, i didn't expect this kind of news! awesome.
  • mojito_619
    Don't big stores have a chip attached to the video game box (and other pricey items) and then have a scanner at the entrance that beeps when someone hasn't paid for it?
  • surfer1337dude
    Mojito_619Don't big stores have a chip attached to the video game box (and other pricey items) and then have a scanner at the entrance that beeps when someone hasn't paid for it?all you really need is a strong magnet to deactivate the security device
  • insider3
    lol. Grown men robbing Toys R Us.
  • tommysch
    Someone should really tell them about torrents.
  • rolled
    surfer1337 is probably very experienced in the matters
  • back_by_demand
    TommySchSomeone should really tell them about torrents.Piracy is still theft, whereas robbing Toys R Us is... oh, right...
    Yeah, someone really should tell them
  • taiso
    happens all the time where i work. sometimes they're crafty enough to work in a group, while one 'customer' distracts us the other guys grab the items. sometimes they dont even need a magnet key to open the security cases...they just dash to the front door. sometimes we're able to get a description of the car/license plate, other times we're able to deter them from taking them by catching them on the act. but ususally if they're used to doing this for a living they really wont care who stands in their way. and honestly we're not allowed to (or willing actually) confront them physically. so it is good to hear they sometimes get caught.
  • Trashit
    TommySchSomeone should really tell them about torrents.Dammit u beat me to it lol. I wonder how many torrents you can fit down your pants....