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Celluon: Evolution of the Mouse

Based in Seoul, Korea, Celluon has developed what could be the future of computer mice and keyboards. The 'Evomouse' pictured above features a cute animal design that transforms any surface into a virtual trackpad for all of your mouse needs. The Evomouse is equipped with two infrared eyes that track the users finger movements and sends inputs to mobile devices or computers. Users will be able to send basic commands as well as complex ones with the use of a wide range of gestures.

Using similar technology, Celluon's 'Magic Cube' projection keyboard tracks finger movements and corresponds them with key presses allowing users to have any surface become their keyboard. For those that enjoy the sound of a mechanical or just plain physical keyboard, the Magic Cube also comes with optional keyclick sound effects. In addition to its use with computers, the Magic Cube will also be available for mobile devices such as Android devices or iPhones.