The Best Xbox One Trade-in Deals

Even if you picked up the Xbox One or Xbox One S when they first came out, we wouldn’t blame you for eyeing the upcoming Xbox One X. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on what Microsoft’s billing as "the world's most powerful console?"

If you’re planning to upgrade your Xbox One for a new console, take an opportunity to save a few dollars by trading in your older model. Here's what your Xbox One and Xbox One S are worth now.

Xbox One & Xbox One S (500GB / 1TB / 2TB)

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Xbox One
Xbox One S
$127 / $136$144 / $146 / $169
Best Buy
$75 / $100$75 / $100 / $150
$124 / $140$165 / $170 / $190
$100 / $105$100 / $125 / $140
$94 / $80N/A

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