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'Batman: Arkham Origins' Review: Brilliance Outweighs Frustrations

In the latest 'Batman: Arkham' saga, Warner Bros. Montreal takes the reins for a prequel that allows you to develop as that character does.



"Batman: Arkham Origins" features multiplayer for the first time, where up to eight players can battle for turf and to control fear in a unique match-up, but it's disappointing.

Two players (chosen at random on a roulette-style wheel) control Batman and Robin, while the others are divided between two teams of three, one lead by Bane's gang and one by the Joker. You're controlling elites, so you're stronger than rank-and-file thugs, and once you've surpassed a certain level of kills and control points, you can unlock control of Bane or Joker themselves, complete with a gun that gives a couple of one-hit kills.

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Batman and Robin, meanwhile, seek to stop both gangs, stalking them from the shadows and using predator techniques. The multiplayer mode isn't without its fun moments, but you don't feel as much like Batman in this mode, and that's the whole purpose of the game. Most players will likely skip multiplayer, at least after playing for the requisite trophies or achievements.

Luckily, there are so many side missions and collectibles in the game's main campaign, as well as copious unlockable (and in the future, downloadable) costumes, playing the campaign after beating the main story remains a blast. Challenge rooms also offer a chance to prove your skills, and of course give you the opportunity to suit up as Deathstroke, bringing the total playable super-characters to five.