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Lifelike Girl Robot Starts Acting Career

Robots in my cinema? Well it's not like this is anything new; after all, Keanu Reeves seems to have carved out quite a career for himself. However, this latest starlet isn't just robotic in the figurative sense: she's our old friend, the Geminoid F, also known by her other names, Actroid F and Future Human Relations Liaison of your Machine Masters.

Little Miss Synthezoid's latest role isn't in some deviant robo-porn; she's still not advanced enough for romantic calisthenics. Ms. F plays the part of a human replicant in a 20-minute play called Sayonara, shown recently in Tokyo. Her co-star Bryerly Long isn't impressed, but the crowd seems to appreciate the gynoid's acting. Not surprising, since she's not exactly going beyond her range.

That, or her audience has already signed up to become future members of the Borg Collective. This is Japan, after all.

[source: BBC UK and ITN News]