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WoW Player Threatens To Blow Up Plane

A recent report from WBIC in Indiana dictates that what you say within an online game or virtual social networking scene can--and will--be used against you, especially in a post-911 world. Apparently, one 18-year-old figured this out after making threats to blow up a commercial airliner within the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Whether the gamer was joking or being quite serious is irrelevant; announcing terrorist activities in public areas--whether they're rooted in reality or created in a virtual world--is not a very good thing.

Taking the threats seriously, a World of Warcraft moderator thus contacted the authorities and provided the chat documents. Once the player's IP address was determined, the FBI traced the address back to the player and showed up at his door. According to TweakTown, the gamer was interrogated and now may face federal charges.

However, the strange part about the whole incident was the comment made by the WoW player during the interrogation with the FBI: he was merely testing a theory.

  • idiot
  • Wayoffbase
    Breaking News: World of Warcraft full of idiots! Story at 11.
  • kingnoobe
    HEY LETS GIVE THE TERRORIST WHAT THEY WANT! Which is are freedoms taking away, because we live in terror.. I don't blame WOW mod for this.. I don't even blame the FBI for investigating. I do blame any judge that gives this kid anything. This is utter bullshit... Hey how about we get some mind readers and put everybody in jail for everything they think.. Even though 99% would never dare to do anything as they know it's wrong. Good game america are fourfather would be absolute sick if they seen this shit!.
  • matt87_50
    its not a public place, its private property owned by blizzard.
    also, what is he going to be charged with? I know freedom of speech has limits, saying this on a plane, or in an airport puts ppl in physical danger, but saying it online, probably from his room miles away from any public place or airport, unless he was serios, which I doubt as he said "he was merely testing a theory", you can't charge him just because you had to go to all the trouble of finding him and interrogating him.
  • rdawise
    He wanted to test a theory? Was his theory on how to be an idiot? Or maybe how to attain federal chrages? I completely disagree with you kingnoobe. I would not fault a judge anything for condemning this kid. I mean try to go out in public and say you're going to blow something up or go into a crowded movie theater and yell fire. See what happens. I might have felt a little sorry for the kid if he was merely jesting, but
    he was merely testing a theory
    ? Someone stop this kid before he hurts himself...
  • stevo777
    I think it would matter if he had some type of explosive/or device(s) that would indicate he was serious. If he's just kidding around (yeah, I'll blow up the universe), it would make the FBI seem pretty stupid, in my opinion, if they pursued a conviction purely on some silly comments and no real intent.
  • maigo
    I bet his theory was the FBI are f'ing idiots. Sounds like he was right
  • psychopathy
    Always something to complain about. Boo hoo...the FBI investigated something. Then someone makes threats but ends up actually hurting someone because no one took them serious and dismissed the situation. Then people can sit around complaining "Where was the FBI and police?" "Why didn't anyone do anything?" "Where were the authorities?" "Why didn't the school do something before it came to this?" "There were warning signs! Who can we sue?" I'm not for reducing liberties or freedom of speech, but predicting future violence is imprecise. Which threats do we dismiss and which ones do we take serious? I don't want to have to make that decision and I am glad that there are people out there who are better equipped to deal with these situations.
  • Sicundercover
    So now do we employ thousands of people around the world to listen to ever word we say and read every word type on the net? Do we then give these people complete discretion on what is "Acceptable" and what isnt? Do we tie up our court system with cases full of angsty teens spouting off at the mouth?

    Once again, Orwell already said all that needed to be said on this topic.
  • brendano257
    Interrogate him? Yes. Charge him? No. He got his answer, and he should be fined something for the bother, but really? He never meant it as a threat to the country or the lives of anyone. I think interrogating was necessary, but NOW you know he didn't mean any harm, so let him go and slap him on the wrist for being stupid. Don't put him in jail because he said something online in a game. ( Although WoW players can get rather serious..... XD )