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WoW Player Threatens To Blow Up Plane

A recent report from WBIC in Indiana dictates that what you say within an online game or virtual social networking scene can--and will--be used against you, especially in a post-911 world. Apparently, one 18-year-old figured this out after making threats to blow up a commercial airliner within the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Whether the gamer was joking or being quite serious is irrelevant; announcing terrorist activities in public areas--whether they're rooted in reality or created in a virtual world--is not a very good thing.

Taking the threats seriously, a World of Warcraft moderator thus contacted the authorities and provided the chat documents. Once the player's IP address was determined, the FBI traced the address back to the player and showed up at his door. According to TweakTown, the gamer was interrogated and now may face federal charges.

However, the strange part about the whole incident was the comment made by the WoW player during the interrogation with the FBI: he was merely testing a theory.