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VIDEO: Wii 2/Project Café Caught on Camera

After the initial rush of rumors about the Wii 2, Nintendo made an official announcement that it was real and would be unveiled at E3 next month. Once it was out in the open, things quieted down considerably and there’s been very little said about Project Café in recent weeks.

Of course, things can’t stay quiet forever and VG247 today spotted this video on YouTube that purportedly shows a Nintendo closed developer demonstration of the new console. Though the room is quite dark and the console sitting on the table is barely visible, the big projector screen confirms rumors of a touch-screen controller with analog sticks and a traditional D-Pad.

Nintendo confirmed the next generation Wii would launch in 2012 and that there is a preview scheduled for E3 in June. The device is not expected to support 3D content but is expected to support HD content. For its part, Nintendo’s UK branch has branded the video “purely rumor and speculation”. Check it out below. What do you think, real or fake?

  • joytech22
    I say fake because there's no sound (if there is, something in my PC died again..)
    Probably to hide all the laughing :)

    I'm just kidding of course, but their powerpoint display was very simple.
  • captaincharisma
    well that was a waste of time
  • TheViper
    Fake. If this was a developer invite conference then they would obviously know who filmed it by his seating position and would be sued for breach of his signed non-disclosure agreement and probably have his company lose their licensing rights.

    This is most likely a game development course with someone doing a presentation on next generation consoles.
  • alidan
    well, the powerpoint may have been real.
    the video in the pp could have been real, but looks fakey

    over all, i say no big deal.
  • kinggraves
    Presenter does not look Japanese, facts displayed on screen are all rumors, presentation was simple line drawings even though they supposedly had a presentable model sitting there, demo model looks ugly and unrefined compared to Wii, and most importantly, unless they plan a 2011 release, Nintendo themselves would not be this far along in their development. Nintendo probably doesn't have a solid demo over a year from their target date, anything at this point is still subject to change.

    I mean really, a 6 inch touchscreen makes a controller of that design 10 inches wide. Even for an American consumer that's a behemoth. Nintendo's primary demographic is Japanese, which is why their controllers typically are for smaller hands. They've made a lot of odd decisions, especially with controllers, but they aren't releasing anything that enormous. Either the screen is smaller or the layout is different. It will still be big, but more like n64 controller big, not full size keyboard big.
  • I heard that these rumors were based off 6 year old patents. I don't have any sources but yeah, this is really old stuff.
  • fracture
    pffftt, I figured out how the screen on the controller is gonna be used already. They're gonna use it like the DS. Have like menu stuff on it so you can just tap switch weapon, tap to use potions, or have your map showinng on it.
  • elcentral
    im hoping for a great console altho i demand grapics and a real controler or better keyboard and mouse but lets se whot they make
  • The console looks like a turret out of Portal, is it a good idea to face it towards the crowd!?!
  • lpedraja2002
    I Say fake. The controller is the exact mock up design that IGN made in their Project Cafe rumor preview.