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VIDEO: Wii 2/Project Café Caught on Camera

After the initial rush of rumors about the Wii 2, Nintendo made an official announcement that it was real and would be unveiled at E3 next month. Once it was out in the open, things quieted down considerably and there’s been very little said about Project Café in recent weeks.

Of course, things can’t stay quiet forever and VG247 today spotted this video on YouTube that purportedly shows a Nintendo closed developer demonstration of the new console. Though the room is quite dark and the console sitting on the table is barely visible, the big projector screen confirms rumors of a touch-screen controller with analog sticks and a traditional D-Pad.

Nintendo confirmed the next generation Wii would launch in 2012 and that there is a preview scheduled for E3 in June. The device is not expected to support 3D content but is expected to support HD content. For its part, Nintendo’s UK branch has branded the video “purely rumor and speculation”. Check it out below. What do you think, real or fake?