Report: Violent Gaming is Good For the Brain

The debate about gaming and its effects on the human brain will probably go on forever. There's always two sides of the argument, each providing valid points on whether gaming is good or bad for humans in the big picture. Those defending games and their violence now have an extra round of ammo to fire against naysayers: video games are good for the brain... or at least, that's what boffins are reporting in the Frontiers of Cognition journal.

"Playing video games helps the natural reflexes, it makes players more responsive and able to switch between different tasks," said Assistant Professor Dr Lorenza Colzato of Leiden University's psychology department. "This type of thinking is very practical for the modern lifestyle where people are doing so many things at the one time."

According to SyFi News, Colzato said that gamers who like to play violent titles aren't necessarily going to engage in anti-social behavior. In fact, parents shouldn't be scared to let their children play. Who cares about the gore, profanity, and a lack of consequences for committing violent acts--the cognitive skills are more important, helping young gamers land fast-paced jobs.

Surprisingly, the article considers the impact of violent gaming on the elderly. "If elderly people had a lot of problems with their thinking they could play video games to improve their minds," Colzato said. "This could become a common nursing home activity, it would be a successful strategy."