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Blizzard Banning SC2 Single-Player Cheaters Too?

So you're partial to cheating just a smidge when playing StarCraft II in single player. You don't cheat during multiplayer games, that's just bad form, but you sometimes indulge in a little unlimited minerals while playing offline. Well, perhaps you should think again, as Blizzard may be banning those who are cheating in singleplayer too.

Last week Blizzard swung its almighty banhammer, permanently banishing 5,000 cheaters from However, it seems the publisher is also banning cheaters who have never played online. Kotaku reports that gamer gm0ney claims his StarCraft II account has been suspended for using "unauthorized cheat programs."

Gm0ney apparently used a trainer developed by Blizzard's defense is that single player games "only appear to be you and a computer" and that a player's achievements and gamer score actually carries weight and prestige in their online play. Though gm0ney says he's never played online before, there's no way of knowing for sure that he never will, which is probably why his account was suspended. Still, it's food for thought, especially when Blizzard has been criticized for making such a necessary part of StarCraft II. It's also important to note that you're allowed to use the built-in cheat codes that come with StarCraft II. It seems that Blizzard just has a problem with third-party programs.

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[Update] Blizzard contacted us this morning with a statement regarding the banning of users for using third-party cheats. This is what Blizzard's Bob Colayco had to say on the matter:

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  • eklipz330
    front page news soon to be

    Blizzard banning SC2 Players for having too much fun: "SC2 is Serious Business"
  • simple_inhibition
    Just wait for blizzard to start banning SC2 players for being korean... 0.o
  • Way to go Blizzard... please keep banning all these pathetic cheaters.
  • kevinqx
    Blizzard isn't banning players who are just cheating in single player, they are banning people who use trainers to modify the game client. Blizzard allows you to use official cheat codes that, when activated, disable achievements. The trainers which modify the game client do not disable achievements. I may not care about achievements, you may not care about achievements, but there are probably some people out there who do care about how many achievements they have compared to everyone else. It's part of the game experience that Blizzard is offering, and they are trying to protect its integrity.

    In any event, modifying the game client is against the EULA you agree to you play the game for the first time. it should also be pointed out that these bans are not permanent bans, but 14-day bans.
  • I truly hate Blizzard now and never plan to BUY any game from them ever again.
  • adamboy64
    It seems kinda sad they're doing this. When I've played the life out of an RTS, I throw on cheats and things to squeeze out that last bit of playability.
  • the_krasno
    So THAT is why I pirated SC2...
  • Gin Fushicho
    Jeez.... just don't have any achievements for single player then. Not like anybody cares about single player anyway. 90% of the time is spent online.
  • How times have changed. Don't they remember that they put cheats in the original SC?
  • cp8427
    That's just silly. It's only cheating if the other person knows about it. I don't blame Blizzard for banning those who've cheated on them. But then again, I'm not into commitments very much. Blizzard has gotten too clingy and jealous lately. If Blizzard was a woman, I'd cheat on her as soon as she said "We're gunna use real ID's today baby".