June Playboy to Feature 3D Centerfold

Hugh recently revealed to the Associated Press that Playboy is hoping to capitalize on the success of Avatar and other 3D movies by jumping on the 3D bandwagon and offering some 3D content of its own. "What would people most like to see in 3-D?" Playboy's founder asked. "Probably a naked lady."

And that's what we'll get. In just a few weeks, you'll be able to look at Hope Dworaczyk in the nip, in three dimensions.

However, this isn't the first time Playboy has tried to show off a pair of C's in 3D.  Hugh told the AP that he tried to do something similar in the 50's. "I actually signed a photographer to shoot two nude women in 3D in Chicago," Hugh said. However, the idea was soon scrapped when Hef found out how expensive it would be to include the glasses with the magazine. This time, the cost of the glasses will be footed by HBO. HBO wanted to find a way to promote its show 'True Blood' and including glasses with the show's logo on them seemed like a great way to do that.

Though most Playboy fans will probably be of a different mindset, it seems Hugh isn't exactly sold on 3D technology. A man after my own heart, Hugh tells the AP that when he goes to the cinema, he goes to escape real life and in that instance, "2D is fine with me." For those of you who agree, there'll be plenty of 2D pictures Ms. Dworaczyk in the June issue too. Speaking of Dworaczyk, what does she think of all this? "It's kind of like it says on the rearview mirror," she joked. "Things may appear larger."

(AP via CNet)

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  • bogcotton
    I found it extremely difficult to look away from her eyes to read the article.

  • misry
    "Things may appear larger."

  • boobs.
  • gilbertfh
    bogcottonI found it extremely difficult to look away from her eyes to read the article.That is only because she is clothed... Then you would say "what eyes" haha
  • thebigt42
    I just read Playboy for the articles
  • fatkid35
    things may apear larger.....in my pants!
  • gorehound
    of course porn will be the real fuel behind 3d not hollywood.
    sex sells they say.
  • djackson_dba
    How do you 3D that much airbrushing?
  • mianmian
    Beside 3D, Playboy better have the most advanced touch technology as well.
  • HavoCnMe
    gorehound +1

    You are dead on, The Adult Industry pushed VHS over BetaMAX and Blu-Ray over HD-DVD. Its the simple fact that more movies come out in a year. Seeing how they could shoot a whole porn in days.