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Sony Says Fake PS3 Controllers Could Explode

Sony this week released a consumer alert warning users about the dangers of counterfeit or unlicensed controllers.

"Counterfeit PlayStation 3 Wireless Controllers, which are practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation 3 Wireless Controllers, have been discovered in the market," Sony said in the statement.

"SCEA advises consumers to be cautious when buying PlayStation 3 Wireless Controllers from uncertain sources as the quality, reliability and safety of counterfeit products is uncertain, and in some cases, may be dangerous.

"It is possible that some counterfeit product may ignite or explode, resulting in injury or damage to the user, your PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, or other property."

The PlayStation manufacturer goes on to say that because Sony is not obligated to ensure support for such devices, so they could stop working or be rendered useless with a firmware update.

Counterfeit controllers aren't a new concept, which makes us wonder why Sony suddenly decided to warn customers about the dangers of opting for cheap, no-name controllers instead of the official, Sony-branded controllers. The company didn't name any specific controllers in its warning.

Source: Sony via CNet