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Miyamoto: New Mario Will Kick Your Butt

Gamers looking forward to the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Wii may be faced with a challenge when it hits stores November 15. The problem may be twofold: the retailer's inability to keep the game in stock, and the level of difficulty the game will eventually provide its fans. Apparently, according to Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, the game will be "pretty difficult."

Thankfully, Nintendo has included two features that will help the troubled gamer: 4-player multiplayer and the new "Super Guide" mode. For the former, more skilled players can lead the "noobs" through each world and still have fun, Miyamoto said. Super Guide, on the other hand, takes a different approach and allows the player to "skip" difficult parts by hitting a Super Guide block and letting Luigi take the risk.

"I feel guilty when the Super Guide block appears," he told the press yesterday at the roundtable event in New York City. "I feel inspired to finish the level on my own." But he also added that the Super Guide may appear in future Wii titles.

Despite the game's difficulty, players will be rewarded with a special unlockable if they do not see any Super Guide blocks. That means gamers must not die on any level over eight times throughout the entire game. Still, that might not be so hard: jumping fire pits in 3D using a quirky over-the-shoulder camera is way more harder than performing the same stunt in a side-scrolling, 2D world.