Creepers Finally Invade Minecraft PE for iOS, Android

Wi-Fi multiplayer using the Nexus 7Wi-Fi multiplayer using the Nexus 7Minecraft: Pocket Edition was a rather bland alternative to its popular PC counterpart when it crashed into the mobile scene back in June 2011. But like the PC version, it had to start somewhere, and over the past year it's taken on many of the characteristics that have made Minecraft such an explosive hit on desktops and even the Xbox 360.

That's right: the creepers are finally in town, and they're ready to rock your blocky little world.

The latest Minecraft: PE update, v0.4.0, is slated as a "major release," throwing not only those pesky creepers into the mix, but chests for storing items. Naturally this latter detail is highly useful for stashing away tools and other goods so that they're not completely lost when a creeper chases you over a mountain and blows a new hole through the center of the earth.

Luckily beds have also been added to the mobile version, allowing gamers to set their spawn point to the bed's current position. Avatars can also now eat to restore health points by consuming apples, bread, mushroom soup, beef, chicken and pork, and farm goods like wheat using seeds and a hoe. TNT is also available in the update, which can be ignited by using flint and steel – a handy tool for mining or taking out a mob of zombies.

Wi-Fi multiplayer using the Xperia Play.Wi-Fi multiplayer using the Xperia Play.Mojang has also included a "peaceful" option for the Survival mode which features healing and no monsters. Other new features include trapdoors, moss stone, redstone ore and while wool in the Creative inventory, recipes like wool from string, new dyes and more. The days are now longer, and avatar movement speed is decreased when using an item.

The update follows the recent 0.3.3 patch which added hostile mobs such as skeletons and spiders. It also brought the bow and arrow, bonemeal and flint, a 6-slot hotbar for all devices, and a better overall brightness. Previous patches added the furnace, the ability to grow trees, chickens, cows, bookshelves and the popular Survival mode.

To see the full history of changes regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition, head here. The game can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple's App Store.


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    Still lightyears away from the PC version with everything from official updates, great online servers and a lot of good modders.
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    News article about creepers in Minecraft PE, no pictures of creepers in Minecraft PE