Michael Jackson Mobile Phone Has Tons of Bling

With Michael Jackson's film now out in theaters, it doesn't seem a coincidence that a mobile phone has hit the market carrying his iconic name. Whether or not it would have received his stamp of approval is another story. However the seemingly invincible device does sport all the gold and sparkle that made the King of Pop's attire so off the wall.

At first glance, the mobile phone could definitely be a thriller to many rabid MJ fans, possibly a pimped-out, over-the-top monstrosity to others. It's decked out with more gold than an 80s rap star, covered from one end to the other and decorated with silver and (fake?) diamonds that seems more likely to weigh it down and strain the wrist.

Originally reported here, the technical specifics and pricetag weren't released. It's highly likely that the device isn't authorized by the Jackson estate, and we're not even sure what kind of phone is under all that dangerous bling--Engadget claims it may be a Vertu KIRF.

According to Shanzai, the phone comes packed with a plethora of Michael Jackson ringtones. There's only a limited number of these phones going on sale, so MJ fans may want to sell that car and figure out how to import one of the golden bad boys into the States. Currently the mobile phone is on sale in China, packed with a Jackson live performance DVD.

And yes, the names of his post-Motown albums are scattered throughout this article (save for History).

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