These Are Nokia's Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will reportedly unveil at least two Nokia Windows Phones Wednesday morning at its Nokia World 2011 conference in London. However screenshots of the devices have already appeared, revealing the edgy Nokia Lumia 800 "Sea Ray" and the more rounded Nokia Lumia 710 "Sabre." Both are expected to launch in Europe in November followed by a North American release sometime next year.

According to the screens, the Lumia 800 resembles Nokia's Meego-based N9, measuring 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm and weighing 142 grams. The device reportedly sports a Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor, a 1540mAh battery offering 390 hours standby, an 8MP camera, a 3.7-inch AMOLED screen with a Clear Black Display and 16 GB of internal storage.

As for the Lumia 710, it measures 119 x 62.4 x 12.5 mm. Previous reports claim that it features an interchangeable back cover, a single-core 1.4 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 5MP camera, 8 GB of internal storage, and a 3.5-inch WVGA display (800 x 480) with a Clear Black Display.

Also expected to be revealed at the conference on Wednesday is the Nokia "Ace" featuring a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen with Clear Black Display, a 1800mAh battery, an 8MP camera, support for HSPA+, 16 GB of internal storage and a 1.4 GHz processor.

Elop's keynote will begin at 9 a.m. London time, meaning 4 a.m. EST and 1 a.m. PST for us here in the States.

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