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Lionhead May Sell Fable III Condoms

Yesterday Lionheart updated the official Fable III Facebook page asking fans for input on Fable III-branded merchandise. The actual survey, found here, lists various items such as print media, apparel, toys, and other goods to purchase. Participants' answers will range from "must have" to "no thanks" in a multiple choice fashion. There's also a field for manual submissions.

However, according to the Facebook post, the company is open to unusual ideas. "With the release of Fable III imminent this year we’ve started thinking about different kinds of merchandise for the game. There are literally hundreds of things we can come up with; from mugs and t-shirts to an LCE or books, maybe even branded condoms."

That's right. Condoms. The post goes on: "At this point we normally say “it can’t be crazy enough” but I’d like to add that it can be too crazy! So please don’t go over the top with your ideas and please give us your opinion on the examples we’ve given."

The Fable series isn't without controversy, and apparently the upcoming third installment will be no exception. 2008's Fable II allowed for same-sex marriage, group sex, and animal abuse. Players could even contract a sexually transmitted disease if not wearing a condom. Now's a good time to submit your Fable III-branded idea... maybe some of us will end up wearing your suggestions.