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Grand Theft Auto Online Coming in October

Rockstar Games has been psyching us up for the launch of Grand Theft Auto V for months. This week, the company stoked the fires of excitement with a brand new official gameplay trailer showing off the games online mode.

Grand Theft Auto Online will allow users to play online with friends and will support up to 16 players in each online city. You can explore the city alone or with friends, participate in activities or events as a group, work together on missions, compete against the community in traditional game modes. Access to GTA V Online will come free with every copy of GTA V but it won't be available until October 1. That gives you a full 14 days on the offline GTA IV before you take the fun online.

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First announced in October of 2011, GTA V is finally coming to market on September 14. Rockstar released a gameplay trailer offering viewers a sneak peek inside the world of Grand Theft Auto V and its three characters, Michael, Franklin and Trip. There are the missions, which form the game's objective, but you can also go hunting, bike ride, or do a parachute jump all within GTA V's reimagined version of California. Trailer below for those that missed it:

  • hakesterman
    I'm sure a Bazzian people will Love it, but it's just not for me. I'll play the single player game and that will be my GIG.
  • Parsian
    truly impressive. cant wait for the PC version and mod tool :P
  • kawininjazx
    This would have been a good article to post yesterday.
  • HEXiT
    although im looking forward to the single player. i cant really see the point of multiplayer in a sandbox game. gta sa sorta had a multiplayer add on but it was truely terrible. you had games setup as rpg's, mmo's and stunts, but none of theme were more than play 10 mins get bored and move on... so its really gonna have to push the boundrys of what we think multiplayer should be for this kind of game.
  • timw03878
    16 whole players ? Geez.. how crappy.
  • digiex
    It would be more fun if it's MMO RPG, where hundreds to thousands of player are online at the same time.
  • Icecweam7
    This game looks really fun and playing it online with others will be even better in Oct. It will be difficult but, I'll wait for the PC version. Can't wait to be a thief for some auto's on a grand scale.
  • Zijn
    This looks like "Game of the Year" for the next few years!

    This is a true video game, that will capture audiences of every genre and keep them satisfied for years to come. Not like some games now, that you get fed up of after a few months

    This one is going to be just sitting in my PS3 as my go to game, but when the PC version comes out... Bring on the mods :D
  • allawash
    They need a Gone in Sixty Seconds mod for the multiplayer.