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Diablo 3 Console Version Could Be "Later"

We've already heard talk about Diablo III coming to the latest consoles--at least the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--even though nothing has officially been guaranteed from Activision Blizzard. While PC gamers are waiting anxiously for the highly anticipated action-RPG, mention of a console version certainly seems just as exciting.

GamerZines recently spoke with Blizzard's Diablo III lead technical artist Julian Love, getting the scoop on the game's status in relation to the consoles. According to Love, Blizzard has put absolutely no work into porting the game, at least not yet. "We've identified that this game Diablo 3, of all the games we have, would be easiest to port," he admits. "But that said we don't have any plans, at this time, to do that."

That revelation should be a given. After all, Blizzard is focused primarily on getting the PC game developed and out the door. But the possibility for a console version is there regardless, at least on the hardware front: the PlayStation 3--and possibly the Nintendo Wii--would be an ideal candidate for the point-and-click gameplay given the former console's mouse and keyboard support, and the latter console's remote-controlled pointer. As for the Xbox 360, Diablo III may be better suited for Project Natal, keeping the gameplay intact rather than incorporating the control scheme into the existing controllers.

But that's in the future... maybe. Right now Blizzard has its eyes set on the PC. "What we are really trying to do is focus on getting the game out on the PC, that's the platform we are developing on," he added. "We just want to get it done and look at that situation later." Does later mean after Microsoft and Sony release their motion controllers? We're betting that's a "yes," and this might even be something we'll need to ask for a future article.