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No Doubt Suing Activision Over Band Hero

The Los Angeles Times reports that Gwen Stefani and her band mates from No Doubt are taking Activision to court over their portrayal in the just released game, Guitar Hero: Band Hero. The suit, filed earlier today in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that Activision went beyond the contract signed with the band. In fact, the No Doubt claims that its members were transformed into a "virtual karaoke circus act."

“The band [members] are bitterly disappointed that their name and likeness was taken and used without their permission,” said No Doubt manager Jim Guerinot. “They agreed to play three No Doubt songs as a band. Activision then went and put them in 62 other songs and broke the band up [and] never even asked.”

Naturally, Activision backs its decision to use No Doubt as it pleased within the game, stating that the company was within its legal rights, and that the No Doubt lawsuit is without merit. Overall the band's issue is that No Doubt members, collectively and individually, can be used as "virtual performers" in other songs not written and performed by the band. The lawsuit specifies that Activision was not authorized to use the band beyond the three approved songs.

The lawsuit even provides an example of the game's offending actions: players can force Gwen Stefani's avatar to sing the Rolling Stones' hit song "Honky Tonk Women" within the game's Character Manipulation Feature. " Apparently that's not a good thing, especially when Gwen is singing like a man. "While No Doubt are avid fans of the Rolling Stones and even have performed in concerts with the Rolling Stones,” the complaint states, “the Character Manipulation Feature results in an unauthorized performance by the Gwen Stefani avatar in a male voice boasting about having sex with prostitutes.”

Sorry, but that's just too funny. For gamers wanting more Thursday Activision drama, head over to the Los Angeles Times article. Honestly, we just think Gwen is jealous because Activision chose Taylor Swift as the "spokeswoman" for the game.

  • buddhav1
    No Doubt still exists?


    and stop with the endless stream of "Guitar Rock Band DJ Singstar OMG IMA RAWKER Hero" games please.

    Gwen Stefani hasn't had a hit song in what, 2 or 3 years? psh.
  • zak_mckraken
    Wow, I'm disapointed by No Doubt's reaction. Will DC comics sue me if I "depict Batman doing some suggestive testicules eating simulation" (teabagging) in a videogame?

    My stupid examples shows that you cannot sue a company for what the gamers will choose to do with the tools available to them. Now, if Activision has no rights on the physical appearance of the band members whatsoever, that's another story.
  • Mr_Man
    Actually, after taking a college senior-level class in Media Law, I'm pretty sure No Doubt is on pretty solid ground with this lawsuit. Without taking sides, I'd say Activision probably should have thought to include the terms of how their likeness would be used in the contract.
  • jimmysmitty
    buddhav1No Doubt still exists?woah....and stop with the endless stream of "Guitar Rock Band DJ Singstar OMG IMA RAWKER Hero" games please. Gwen Stefani hasn't had a hit song in what, 2 or 3 years? psh.
    They regrouped. Were only on a sort of haiatus.