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Australia Finally Gets the R18+ Rating for Mature Games

Australian gamers have something to cheer about today. After much deliberation, the Australian Parliament’s finally passed legislation approving the R18+ rating for videogames. This means that Australian gamers will have access to mature-rated games without having to import them from other countries. For those unfamiliar with the R18+ issue in Australia, previously most games deemed “mature” by other countries would be banned by the Australian government, removing even adults’ abilities to buy a mature-rated videogame in stores.

Previously, only M15+ games have been allowed within Australian borders. Games such as Fallout 3 had been banned in Australia for encouraging drug use, as Stimpaks were originally Morphine in the game. Obviously, the game’s content had been changed so that Fallout 3 would reach the country’s shores.

The new rating scheme won’t be set into motion until January 1, 2013. Until then, may the importing continue.