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How to Get Alexa to Call Your Phone

We've all misplaced our phone from time to time, so wouldn't it be handy if Alexa could help you locate it? There are a few third-party skills that can do this—including trackr’s Find My Phone and Jesse Friedman’s Where’sMyPhone—but if you're just looking to make your phone ring, it's pretty easy to create an applet with IFTTT (If This Then That) that does the same thing. (These instructions cover creating an applet in a web browser, but you can also use IFTTT's app for iOS or Android.)

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1. Visit and log in or create an account if you don't already have one. You may also need to connect the Alexa service by searching for it and authorizing with your Amazon account. 

2. Click My Applets in the top navigation bar.

3. Click the New Applet button in the top right.

4. Click the link that says "this."

5. Search for "Alexa" on the following service screen, and then click the option when it appears.

6. Choose "say a specific phrase."

7. Enter a simple phrase that you'll use, like "call my phone," and click Create Trigger.

8. Click the link that says "that."

9. Search for "phone" and then click the "Phone Call" option on the following screen.

10. If you haven't already connected the phone channel to your account, you'll have to do so now. Click Connect.

11. In the popup window, enter your phone number and click Send PIN. Your phone will ring and an automated voice will provide you with a four-digit PIN.

12. Enter the four-digit PIN you were provided and click Connect on the following screen.

13. Now select the Call my phone action.

14. You can provide a message to be read to you when your phone is called; enter whatever you like and click Create Action.

15. Review that the action is correct and click Finish.

16. Your applet is now active. To use it, say "Alexa, trigger call my phone."

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