Forget LG C4 OLED — this new Samsung OLED TV is a way cheaper alternative

The Samsung S85D OLED on a light blue background.
(Image credit: Samsung / Tom's Guide)

Feeling like the new LG C4 OLED is a bit too expensive? Here’s some good news: Samsung is rolling out a new affordable OLED TV that will compete with some of the lower-cost models coming from LG and Sony later this year. 

The TV is called the Samsung S85D OLED and it will start at $1,699 for a 55-inch screen, $2,099 for 65-inch and 77-inch costing $3,399. 

While that’s still a sizable investment, it’s around $700 cheaper than the LG C4 OLED at 65 inches and $1,300 less than the top-of-the-line Samsung S95D OLED. So the new Samsung S85D could certainly make our best OLED TV list as a value pick. 

That said, you don’t get a price cut like that without making a few trade-offs, and the S85D only has a 120Hz native panel compared to the 144Hz refresh rate of the S95D. The other trade-off is the use of the Motion Xcelerator technology instead of Motion Xcelerator+ that offers lower input latency, so this definitely won't be the best gaming TV

However, the S85D uses the same processor as the top-of-the-line Samsung S95D OLED (the Samsung NQ4 AI Gen2) so there shouldn't be a major difference in upscaling or motion processing. 

  • 55" S85D OLED: $1,699
  • 65" S85D OLED: $2,099
  • 77" S85D OLED: $3,399

Smaller OLED TVs are coming, too

Of course, not everyone needs a 77-inch OLED in their house. Thankfully, Samsung also announced that it will be expanding its range of Samsung S90D OLED TVs to include both a 42-inch and 48-inch model. 

The smaller versions of the TV will still include all the same features as the larger sizes and will support the aforementioned Motion Xcelerator 144Hz technology. 

Here's a breakdown of the prices and sizes:

  • 42” Class S90D: $1,399 
  • 48” Class S90D: $1,599 
  • 55” Class S90D: $1,999
  • 65” Class S90D: $2,699 
  • 77” Class S90D: $3,699 
  • 83” Class S90D: $5,399 

Both the Samsung S85D and smaller S90D OLED TVs are available to purchase on Samsung's online store, and we'll be calling them in soon for proper hands-on testing. In the meantime, check out our guide to the best TVs to see which models we recommend most. 

Nick Pino
Managing Editor, TV and AV

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