Tim Cook teases the next big iPad accessory for the Let Loose event

Apple Pencil 2
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Apple just announced its next big event, which the company has called Let Loose, and all signs point to new iPad models being the main announcement at the May 7 show. But Tim Cook took to the social media platform X to tease a new accessory for the iPad — a new version of the Apple Pencil. 

In the post, Apple's CEO asked us to "Pencil us in for May 7!" with a pencil emoji after. There's also a video that starts with a hand holding a white stylus. It then cuts to various artistic interpretations of the Apple logo being drawn on what could be an iPad display. It ends with the stylus falling back into the digital hand. 

Between the mention of the word pencil, the emoji, the stylus in the video, and the video showcasing the digitally created Apple logo, Cook seems to suggest that something involving the Apple Pencil will show up at the event on May 7. 

Considering that the 2nd generation Apple Pencil was released in 2018, it's definitely time for Apple to release a new model in the form of the Apple Pencil 3. (A USB-C model launched in 2023, but that wasn't a complete refresh.)

Apple Pencil 2023

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The Apple Pencil 2 made some intelligent upgrades over the original, including a matte design, a more comfortable grip, a double-tap gesture and magnetic charging. Between those and the features offered by the original Apple Pencil, it seems that Apple has covered most of the features you could want from a stylus. It'll be interesting to see what the company brings to the third-generation Apple Pencil. 

So far, we've heard rumors of Find My integration and interchangeable magnetic tips. A report from 9To5Mac suggests that the latest Apple Pencil could add a squeeze gesture to its suite of features.

While the latest iPad models should steal the show at the Let Loose event, we expect any new iPad accessory to make some waves. Based on the hype Cook is trying to generate on social media with his X post, it seems he expects the same level of excitement for whatever Apple ends up bringing to its next-generation stylus on May 7.

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