Fortnite fans rejoice — Epic is bringing it back to iPad in the EU

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Epic Games owns Fortnite, one of the most successful video game franchises in the world. But despite its massive popularity, you can't download Fortnite on iOS, one of the most popular gaming platforms worldwide. This is due to issues between Apple and Epic. However, now that the Digital Markets Act requires Apple to open iPhone and iPad devices to outside app stores in the E.U., Fortnite is ready to make a comeback to Apple's portable platforms.

First, Epic announced that its beloved battle royale would return to the iPhone in January when the Digital Markets Act first started being enforced in the European Union. Now, the company has once again taken to X to announce that it plans to bring the game to iPad later this year.

"We’re moving full steam ahead to bring Fortnite and the Epic Games Store to iPhones in the EU soon and iPads this year," reads the post.

The company didn't announce an exact date for either the iPhone or iPad version, but it's exciting to know that the game will be available on Apple devices sometime in 2024. For Fortnite fans who use iPhone and iPad devices, this is nothing but good news. 

Of course, if you're outside of the E.U., where the Digital Markets Act is enforced, you won't be able to play Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad. That could change at some point if the U.S. and other governments adopt similar rules, but for the time being, users outside of Europe remain locked to Apple's App Store. 

It's also possible that Apple and Epic could resolve their issues. However, since this first happened a couple of years ago and there's been no movement toward a resolution, I don't expect that to happen. 

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