This 8-in-1 MagSafe charger is 30% off now — and it's the perfect desk accessory

Anker 8-in-1 magsafe charger siloed on blue background in both the white and black finishes
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Whether in the office or working from home, power outlets are always hard to come by — especially if you have to share with a deskmate. If you're tired of fighting for plug-in space or staring at a jumble of knotted cables, you might want to consider investing in a charging station. Specifically, a do-it-all charger by Anker, the maker behind some of the best wireless chargers

Not only can this orb-shaped cutie supply power to seven different devices simultaneously, the Anker MagGo 8-in-1 Power Charger is just $69 at Amazon, That's the lowest price we've seen and a steal given all the bells and whistles this gadget packs in, despite taking up far less square footage compared to a traditional power strip.  

Anker MagGo 8-in-1 Charging Station: was $99 now $69 @ Amazon

Anker MagGo 8-in-1 Charging Station: was $99 now $69 @ Amazon
We're all for sleek tech that solves everyday headaches, and Anker's 8-in-1 magnetic charger solves more than one dirty desk problem and even doubles as a phone stand. In addition to three concealed AC outlets, this little, lightweight orb (less than 2 pounds) can also supply power via two USB-C and USB-A ports, as well as through the MagSafe pad on the front. Its 67W high-speed charging can revive a depleted MacBook Air battery to 50% in just under a half-hour or an iPhone 15 to 25% in 23 minutes.

For starters, this is a Qi2 high-speed charging dock that delivers ultra-fast power to iPhone 13 models and up. We love that the AC outlets are out of sight, concealed in the back of the device, along with two USB-C ports and USB-A ports. So, every time you plug in, cords are contained in a compact frame. Seriously, the diameter is only about 4 inches (that's significantly smaller than Amazon's Echo). 

Reviewers confirm that the magnet is incredibly strong and performs without hiccups. "I use this on my desk all the time," another buyer writes, adding, "I use this also as a generic phone stand, I have not witnessed any sort of degradation in battery life." In addition to desks, it's also been conveniently placed on nightstands and side tables.

Choose between the white or black exterior, hit "add to cart", and — for those with Prime memberships — start enjoying this product right off the box once it arrives at your doorstep in two days time.  

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