Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit review

While it lacks essentials, but this emergency kit is still one of the best ones around

Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit
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Packaged in one of the best bags in the emergency kit business, Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit can help with a sturdy shovel and a year of roadside assistance. It may lack a fire extinguisher and tire inflator but has room for extra items and is cheap enough to add what’s needed.


  • +

    Contains shovel and 8-foot jumper cables

  • +

    Includes a Year of roadside assistance

  • +

    11 major items

  • +


  • +

    Room for extra items


  • -

    Lacks some important items

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Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit: Contents

Size: 13.4 x 9.0 x 7.9 inches
Weight: 6.1 pounds
Number of items: 11
Jumper cables/length: Yes/8-feet
First aid kit: Yes  
Air pump: No
Shovel: Yes
Flashlight: Yes
Fire extinguisher: No
Roadside assistance: 1 year

Priced at $48, the Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit is one of the least expensive kits in its class. The company also sells safety kits in various other sizes, as well as a fabric car roof rack for those who don’t want to travel light.

While it lacks all that’s needed to make a complete safety kit, the Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit is inexpensive enough to add extras and has a case that’s big enough to hold it all. That places it firmly at the top of our list of the best automotive emergency kits.

Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit in trunk

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The Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit comes in a 13.4 x 9.0 x 7.9 inch red and black heavy-duty nylon bag that is among the best in the business. It lacks reflective stripes for nighttime breakdowns but has something others don’t: a fold open outer pocket on one side that’s large enough to hold an OBD scanner, small fire extinguisher and tire inflator. 

Its single zipper opens to reveal four large sections that are divided by netting, unlike the Premium Excursion Road Kit’s clear plastic pouch. It wasn’t skinny enough to fit under a car seat. 

With the included 11 major items, the kit weighs 6.1 pounds, making it easy to grab in the event of an emergency. The included components range from a fold together reflective triangle and poncho, to bungee cord and tow strap. 

Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit in trunk

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Instead of the flimsy mylar blanket, the All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit instead opts for a fleece blanket that can help on a cold winter night or spruce up a summertime picnic.

Also included is a pair of work gloves for changing a tire along with 8-foot long jump-start cables for remedying those troublesome dead batteries. Run of the mill with red and black clips, the cables sadly do without markings for positive and negative, which might be a problem at night. 

The All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit is not without its downsides, sadly. There are no tools included for one, although there is a roll of duct tape to help your car to limp to a service station in the event of issues like a burst coolant hose. The waterproof flashlight is also incredibly old school, with an incandescent bulb that can’t touch the output of the All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit’s LED light. 

Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit flashlight

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The first aid kit is basic in the extreme. It includes a couple of bandages and wipes but neither tape or scissors - so you better hope you didn't use up all the duct tape.

This kit is the one to get if you live and drive in snow country. That’s because the All Weather Ultimate Road Kit comes with a snap together shovel that’s surprisingly rugged, durable and able to move a lot of snow. 

Justin Case All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit shovel

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The best part is that Justin Case goes beyond what others offer, with an included year of roadside assistance provided by Vehicle Administrative Services. Good for anything from a dead battery, an empty gas tank or a flat tire, it’s available 24/7 in all 50 states and Canada. All you need to do is fill out and mail the included registration card. 

This alone makes the $48 you'd pay for the kit worthwhile. 

Overall, the All Weather Ultimate Safety Kit offers the best start in creating your own customized road safety kit. In addition to the basics, the kit has a shovel, a year’s worth of roadside assistance as well as enough room and money leftover to add an air compressor and fire extinguisher. 

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