Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen issue could have a fix soon — what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in hand showing display and home screen
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An issue with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's Vivid display profile could soon be fixed, according to a Samsung support worker.

When we originally reported on this problem there was a mention of one user who stated that a Samsung support worker had mentioned a possible fix to the issue. Thanks to Forbes, this appears to have been confirmed with a screenshot of a conversation between a user and another support person that has been supplied to them.

The Samsung employee says, “Our Samsung developer team is currently working now to fix this issue on your device. Rest assured that this coming software update will fix our problem on our Samsung S24.” However, they do not mention a date for the release of this fix, encouraging the customer asking the question to stay connected to Wi-Fi to ensure the update downloads once available.

Samsung chat block regarding screen wash

(Image credit: Forbes)

The display problem occurs when switching the Galaxy S24 Ultra's screen to the Vivid color profile. On the older Galaxy S23 Ultra, this mode would show off more depth of color than the default Natural profile. However, it seems there is no real difference between the two modes on Galaxy S24 Ultra. This problem appears to be widespread, with multiple Reddit threads reporting it.

It was generally considered that the fault lay in the phone's software, potentially having to do with the toggle to switch profiles not being recognized. This would mean that, even if the phone were set to Vivid mode, nothing would actually change behind the scenes. 

Another suggested cause was the increased glare protection offered by the new Gorilla Armor Glass cover. While the new glass does help to reduce external glare, and has proved to be quite tough in durability tests, it does not seem to affect the light or colors produced by the screen.

This Samsung Support screenshot seems to confirm that the fault is at least software-based, which will be a relief for many people. If the problem had been a hardware issue it could have a possible recalls, a real headache for Samsung and its customers. 

A software update is much simpler and can be pushed out to the public with relative ease. Hopefully this now means that Galaxy S24 Ultra users will be able to get the most out of their display in the near future.

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