Apple CarPlay 2.0 confirmed for 2024 as iOS 17.4 reveals a ton of features — here's everything it can do

CarPlay at WWDC 2022
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Apple just confirmed that the long-awaited next-generation CarPlay update will be arriving sometime this year. What’s more, some additional details about the in-car software have been spotted inside the first beta for iOS 17.4, which just started rolling out to developers. 

While Apple hasn’t confirmed a specific timeframe on when CarPlay 2.0 will roll out, or even what countries will be involved, the website does now say that it will be coming in 2024. Previously the site said “late 2023," which obviously didn’t happen for reasons Apple hasn’t divulged.

MacRumors has spotted eight references to the new CarPlay system inside the iOS 17.4 beta as well — seemingly confirming which car features will integrate with the new software. From the looks of things CarPlay will have access to quite a lot of car systems and data, which can only be a good thing.

These references confirm that CarPlay will be able to control in-car climate, including heated seats, FM and AM radio, plus SiriusXM — though it isn’t clear whether this will be streaming or satellite based. It looks like the software will also be able to access a live feed from car cameras, charge status on electric cars, tire pressure details and whether any doors have been accidentally left open.

On top of that, CarPlay will have the ability to adjust vehicle settings, though it's unclear which ones, and record data about your driving. Things like average speed, fuel efficiency, time and distance on individual trips and so on.

Images inside the beta also seem to confirm the design and color-scheme of the stock second generation CarPlay. That includes the instrument cluster, which has two dials on either side of the screen and a square in the middle that will no doubt show features like media or navigation if you need it. 

Porsche Apple CarPlay interface for 2024

Apple CarPlay 2.0 as it will appear in 2024 Porsche models (Image credit: Apple, Porsche)

However, we do know there will be some level of customization available, both from individual users and car manufacturers. Porsche, for instance, has already confirmed CarPlay on its driver display will have three circular menus, avoiding straight edges altogether.

It also looks like the car will display a “goodbye” message, in a style similar to an iPhone’s “hello” screen, whenever you turn off the car.

So far only Porsche and Aston Martin have confirmed the new CarPlay will arrive in select cars before the end of the year. So it’s still unclear whether other cars will be supporting the new software anytime soon, and if it will be made available on older models.

Previously Apple has confirmed that Acura, Ford, Honda, Infinity, Jaguar Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes, Nissan, Polestar, Renault and Volvo would support the software. So it’ll likely be up to those automakers to decide how they want to support CarPlay 2.0 going forward.

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