Totally Rated: PS5 restock woes, Beats Studio Buds tested and more

Totally Rated PS5
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Totally Rated, Future's show that features the latest news and reviews in tech and gaming, returns for its season two premiere. And on this week's episode, it features Sony selling PS5's to people who already own a PS5, Apple's new Beats Studio Buds and the latest developments from Mobile World Congress. 

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PS5 restock going to PS5 owners?

The gaming world was a tad bit annoyed from Sony when it announced via email that its latest restock would favor those that currently owned a PS5. This was a way to get PS5s to its most hardcore fans, and not scalpers that would likely try to resell. There's only one problem: the people who have PS5s are the scalpers. 

And even if someone legitimately bought a PS5, likely they would not need a second. Given that demand remains high more than six months after the system's launch, there's a chance that those owners would resell it on the open market for an inflated price. 

Are the Apple Beats Studio Buds good?

Beats Studio Buds

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Techradar praised the Beats Studio Buds for being good quality, with active noise cancellation and Dolby Atmos support. And most importantly, the earbuds were very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It was dinged for lacking Apple's H1 wireless chip and the call quality was mediocre. But at four stars, it's a solid purchase. 

Mobile World Congress 2021 biggest announcements

Samsung announced that it would soon reveal the Galaxy Watch 4. So yeah, it was an announcement of an announcement, but at least we got the first at Samsung's OneUI Watch software, which will be running on the new wearable. 

Lenovo also reveled the Smart Clock 2 and the Snapdragon 888+ was launched, which brings AI-enhanced gameplay and streaming and photography improvements.

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