PS5 owners getting invites from Sony to buy another one — really

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

With all the PS5 restock issues going on, you might be having a hard time getting your hands on Sony’s latest gaming console. It turns out you made a critical mistake — you didn’t already own a PS5 console.

That’s the only thing we can conclude amid reports that Sony is sending PlayStation Direct invitations to current PS5 owners, letting them know that they can purchase another console. Given the difficulty most of us are having securing one console, this seems like an odd turn of events.

Yet, as seen on GamesRadar+, Wario64 and a number of Reddit commenters claim to be getting invites to buy another PS5 via PS Direct. This “golden ticket” of sorts would allow them to skip the virtual line and snag a PS5 from Sony’s online store. That invitation comes despite the fact that many of the recipients already own the coveted console. 

Apparently, Sony sent out a mass email/invitation without vetting who should or shouldn’t get one. The good news for eager fans is that Wario64 and the commenters could theoretically buy a PS5 for a friend or family member.  

That’s the most ideal outcome. At the same time, we could also see a PS5 owner gifted with an invite to buy a second machine simply flipping that extra console on a site like Ebay.

Both Sony and Microsoft have struggled to restock the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S — thanks in part to the Covid-19 pandemic — resulting in a booming second-hand market. The problem is, that’s driving up the price for people who haven’t been able to land a new console yet.

Thankfully, the PS Direct invites aren’t only going to current PS5 owners (and those seeking a profit). Sony isn’t trolling potential customers or looking to rile up long standing fans. The company wants as many people as possible to purchase a PS5.

These PS Direct invites were most likely a mistake — one that could prove beneficial from some of us with generous friends or relatives. Regardless, here’s hoping that everyone who wants a PS5 gets one sooner than later. 

Kenneth Seward Jr.

Kenneth Seward Jr. is a freelance writer, editor and illustrator who covers games, movies and more. Follow him @kennyufg and on Twitch.