This PS5 accessory turns the console into a DVR — but there's a catch

ps5 nasne dvr box
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Once upon a time the PS3 had an add-on called Nasne, which acted as both a TV Tuner and DVR. Well, Nasne is coming back from the dead for the PS5, but only in Japan. So no, you won’t be able to swap your cable box for a PS5.

That’s according to Engadget Japan who are reporting that a 2TB DVR is on the way. It’s just made by a different company this time. 

The original PS3 DVR was called Torne and first debuted in 2010. It was followed by the Nasne two years later, with a number of upgrades like a built-in hard drive and streaming media support. Nasne was also compatible with the PS4 for a time, before being discontinued in 2019. But now it’s back, and now it's in the hands of Buffalo.

The design doesn’t seem to have changed very much since the olden days, so it still looks similar to a miniature PS3. That said, it does come with a storage boost, with a 2TB hard drive built in and support for up to 6TB of external storage. In other words, there’s plenty of room for people to save their favorite movies and shows.

The new Nasne still acts as a network storage device as well. Letting you watch all your saved TV and video via the torne app. You just need to be connected to the same network while you do it. This also means it doesn’t necessarily need to be connected to a PlayStation console. That's helpful, considering how difficult it is to find where to buy PS5 consoles these days.

The new Nasne box is due for release at the end of March, and will cost 29,800 yen (around $273). Obviously, it’s only going on sale in Japan, and there’s no telling whether it will work in the U.S.

You’re also going to have to wait a while before you watch your recorded shows on the PS5. While Sony has confirmed the torne app is coming to its latest console, it’s not scheduled for release until the end of this year. It should still be playable on your older consoles, including the PS4 and smart devices running the torne app.

I have to say that it is a little ironic that news of the new Nasne arrives one week after Microsoft announces it will be suspending all of the Xbox One’s TV functions. 

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