This new Netflix series could reinvent crime shows — here's how

yle Soller as DI Hillinghead in Bodies
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"You're not the first detective to discover this body." That ominous line sets the stage in Netflix's first trailer for its mind-bending crime drama Bodies, which follows four detectives, each from different time periods, as they unravel the 150-year-old mystery behind a murder that altered the course of history. 

The mini-series promises to reinvent the crime thriller genre when it lands on one of the best streaming services next month. All eight, 60-minute episodes will be available to stream on October 19. Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer this week, which you can check out below. 

A nameless narrator lays out Bodies' eye-catching premise amid a montage of detectives approaching a corpse in an alley. You've got DI Hillinghead, played by Andor's Kyle Soller, in 1890 looking like he just stepped out of a Sherlock Holmes novel. Then there's Star Wars and The Great alumnus Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as the classic noir private eye DS Whiteman in 1941. Another Netflix veteran, The Sandman's Amaka Okafor, joins as the modern-day detective DS Hasan. Shira Haas, whose Marvel Cinematic Universe debut is planned for the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World, rounds out the cast as DC Maplewood, shown amid a backdrop of a futuristic city skyline in 2053.

Based on Si Spencer's mind-blowing graphic novel of the same name, Bodies has some top-tier talent at the reins. Co-leading the project is Paul Tomalin, the writer behind No Offense and the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. He's joined by Danusia Samal, who's known for her killer scripts for one of the best shows on Hulu, The Great.

"Four detectives. Four timelines. One victim. In order to save the future, they'll need to solve the murder that altered the course of history first," reads Netflix's official synopsis. 

"When a body – the same body – is found on Longharvest Lane in London's East End in 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053, one detective from each period must investigate. As connections are drawn across the decades, the detectives soon discover their investigations are linked, and an enigmatic political leader – Elias Mannix – becomes increasingly central. Did he have a part to play in the murder? Or is something far more sinister at play? To solve the mystery, our four detectives must somehow collaborate and uncover a conspiracy spanning over 150 years."

“It’s going to blow your mind,” the official teaser trailer promises.

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