iPhone 14 debut could kill the best cheap iPhone

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Update: Apple just discontinued these four iPhones following iPhone 14 launch.

The iPhone 11 is one of the best iPhones Apple has ever made. Sure, it lacks 5G, the most horsepower, and the latest screen technology, but it has earned legendary status as a venerable phone for its reliability and affordability.

But if a new leak from LeaksApple Pro (via iDrop News) proves accurate, then Apple might discontinue the iPhone 11 once the iPhone 14 launches later this year. The iPhone SE (2022) just came out, filling the role of the cheapest iPhone and it's only $70 less than the iPhone 11.

But if you believe industry insiders, the newest SE isn't selling as well as Apple hoped. In fact, LeaksApplePro claims their sources have said that demand for the iPhone 11 has soared since the iPhone SE came out.

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iPhone 11 possible discontinuation: Analysis

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The reason why for this is obvious. The iPhone SE's outdated design can be off-putting, especially when the more modern-looking iPhone 11 is just $70 more. The 11 also has two cameras compared to the SE's one (which also lacks Night mode). The iPhone 11 also has the larger 6.1-inch display while the iPhone SE keeps the iPhone 8's 4.7-inch screen.

Apple seems to have figured out that people don't want small phones since rumors suggest that we probably won't get an iPhone 14 mini. This trend looks to hold true for the diminutive iPhone SE (2022), if industry sources are right about demand for the iPhone 11 going up instead of down.

LeaksApplePro continues their predictions that Apple will still sell the iPhone 12 since it's still more than good enough for most people and it's allegedly cheap to manufacture. And the iPhone 13 will also supposedly stay up for sale to help cushion the iPhone 14 production delays that Apple apparently anticipates.

We will be sorely disappointed if Apple does discontinue the iPhone 11 later this year unless it also drops the iPhone 12 to $499 to fill in the gap — a move we doubt will happen, at least not for another year or two.

We firmly believe that the iPhone 11 is better than the iPhone SE (2022) even with its aged quirks. If you don't need 5G or the latest A15 Bionic chipset, the 11 is the better buy. The battery life and second rear camera alone are worth it, plus the more modern iPhone design with Face ID. (The topic of whether or not the notch iPhone design itself looks quite dated is another discussion entirely.)

So if you're eyeing a cheap iPhone 11, it looks you might want to go out to pick up one sooner rather than later.

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